Easy To Use

The ZipRescue® trolley is light weight so any member of a patrol or rescue team can maneuver and easily mount/dismount from the haul rope.

The ZipRescue® trolley’s adjustable braking system gives the rescuer manual speed control. The rescuer can easily increase or decrease the trolley speed with a simple foot-aider to initiate travel, to adjust speed while traversing the haul rope, and to slow down and stop when approaching the chair/cabin or tower.

Lower Manpower

The ZipRescue® trolley requires only one trained rescuer to operate, allowing teams to engage with more tower spans during a rescue and to communicate with clientele to help them remain calm.

Increased efficiency and mobility during an evacuation enables the rescuer to expend less energy and make better decisions.


Rescuer maintains direct connection to the trolley once mounted onto the haul rope, creating a mobile anchor point from which to ascend, descend and lower into the gondola/chair to evacuate clients


The proprietary wheel and brake design allows the ZipRescue® trolley to excel on cable diameters ranging from .7"” to 2.3"

The auxiliary braking system immobilizes the trolley while the rescuer mounts and dismounts, and provides additional braking power and control on haul ropes with steeper inclines


Onsite training for your professional staff can be scheduled with one of our team members for ZipRescue Trolley training, Rope Access best practices and Lift Evacuation solutions

Replaceable parts and accessories are stocked and shipped from Park City, Utah