Mountain Industrial Rescue & Rope Access

The team at Terra Nova dba ZipRescue/ZipRider/ZipTour is currently developing a new lift evacuation training facility as an extension of our current ZipRescue product line.  We plan to dedicate ~3,000 square feet of inside shop space within our new 20,000 square foot facility to a new company we call MIRRA, “Mountain Industrial Rescue and Rope Access”.  This will be the first Rope Access Training Facility specifically targeting and specializing in Lift Evacuation Techniques and Training in the US.  We plan to also provide training for Lift Maintenance personnel to facilitate safe climbing and work positioning techniques.  

The goal is to use best practices from SPRAT, IRATA and other established associations to form a comprehensive standardized system for evacuating aerial lifts.  Once this training center is built and fully functional, Ski Patrol Supervisors and Lift Maintenance personnel from local resorts and others from out of state will fly in for intensive lift evacuation training and certification.  They will take this training back to theirrespective resorts and use this knowledge to teach and train their own staff.  In addition to the 3,000 square foot inside facility we are also planning to install a series of lift towers in the south western portion of the property with Gondolas, Detachable and Fix Grips chairs from both major lift manufacturers.  The combination of both the indoor and outdoor training areas will provide each trainee with a comprehensive evacuation experience.  

Our goal is to form a collaborative relationship between MIRRA, Lift Manufacturers, Rope Access Equipment Suppliers and Mountain Resorts that will allow for the sharing of information and ideas as we begin the process of standardizing the lift evacuation protocols and techniques.

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