It’s hard to find endeavors in life that don’t come with a warning label or “instructions for proper use.” In our world of skiing/riding and snow safety, we enjoy the luxury of professional avalanche forecasters that dig around in the snow day after day to dispense guidance to all who seek endless powder, making our in-bounds and backcountry escapades presumably safer if we just follow their snow scientology warnings.

However, lift evacuation has somehow fallen behind this movement of set guidelines and warning labels. Remarkably, no body of authority or higher knowledge has risen to leadership with recognized standards, set protocols, or procedures, which leaves each individual resort to invent and determine the validity of its own standards for lift evacuation. ZipRescue®, MIRRA Solutions and PETZL® have strived to fill this leadership void by offering the safest and most advanced lift evacuation and work solution equipment as well as the latest approved technique and protocol instruction. Our expertise in lift evacuation and high angle rescue, as well as work at height best practices, make us extremely well suited in determining which PETZL® equipment would be best suited for your overall rescue or work force needs.

As PETZL® Authorized Dealers we recommend a specific combination of PETZL® equipment to use in concert with our ZipRescue® trolley, but can also provide PETZL® equipment suggestions for any other work at height, lift evacuation and/or high angle rescue needs you may have. We have developed a complete ground evacuation system for the use on detachable or fixed grip chairlifts. This system includes 100% of the necessary equipment for a ground evacuation of a detachable or fixed grip chairlift in a concise, self-contained backpack.